How The Manga Studio EX 4.0.5 Update Works If You Have A Physical (Box) Product

There is a misunderstanding amongst some owners of Manga Studio EX 4 when it comes to the recent 4.0.5. update. Because some of them think that this update is just available for those who have a download version they are disappointed and don’t even try to download the update.

Here is how it works for them:

First you have to make sure that you have your serial number ready. Then you can download the update over at the SmithMicro.

Here is what the readme-files that comes with the update says:

If you purchased a physical (box) copy of Manga Studio EX 4 Win, please follow these instructions:

1. Double-click on the application file you downloaded. Follow the instructions on your screen to install Manga Studio EX 4.0.5 and proceed with the installation.

2. Insert your original Manga Studio EX 4 Win application CD into your CD-ROM drive and wait for the disk to load. You will see the original Manga Studio EX 4 splash screen pop up. Close the splash screen window. Keep the CD-ROM in your CD-ROM drive. The CD-ROM needs to be in your CD-ROM drive before running the updated application for the first time. Then launch Manga Studio.

Have fun with your update!

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