An Offer You Can’t Refuse – Spring Feelings Over At SmithMicro

Of course you will not find the head of your favorite race horse in your bed if you do refuse, but it makes a cool headline if you ask me.

We emerge slowly out of hibernation while the first few sunny days are triggering our creative minds. Time to get things started.

No matter if you finally decided to start with your comic, your own Anime movie or your 3D sculpting. This week you have one reason to be happy and one to be mad at me.

First the happy one: You can save 50% on software at (the company behind Manga Studio, Poser, Anime Studio etc.) by using the code SPRINGSALE2011.

The reason why you could be mad at me is that this code is valid through March 6, 2011, I knew about it way earlier and didn’t tell you. This is because I planned to do so first thing in the morning for a couple of days.

You see, procrastination is a very bad thing.

Luckily it’s not too late. So if you want graphic software like Poser, Anime Studio, Manga Studio for half of the price head over to SmithMicro and grab your copy.

This offer is by the way not just for SmithMicro’s graphic products but also for all of their other products as well.

Have fun being creative!

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