The Winner Of The Second Drawing Contest 7

The votes are counted and we have a the winner of the second drawing contest who will receive a copy of Dynamic Figure Drawing: The Head from the Gnomon Workshop by David Finch.

I hope our winner has much fun with the prize and I can’t wait to learn what she things about it! So, I keep an eye on the comment section and my inbox.

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7 thoughts on “The Winner Of The Second Drawing Contest

  • Barbara

    Hello Mario!

    I’m really happy about winning this contest. I’m not sure if I told you, but I work as a mangaka, which makes me really happy too, because I feel like I’m fulfilling a dream.

    This DVD is really useful for me, as I’m studying Fine Arts here in Argentina, and this will help me a lot to improve my skills.

    Thank you again, I’m looking forward to the next contest!

    • Mario Post author

      Hello Barbara,

      I’m glad to hear that you happy with the prize. I will email contact you again personal in a minute.

      I also want to send you a virtual hug though I would rather do this in real life. Recently I saw a picture of you somewhere and you are… ehemmm… cute :-)

  • nate

    congratulations to the winner and to all that participated! And thank you, Mario, for another great contest!

    I think the prize was very awesome! I wanted it so bad! I was very sad I could not get my entry completed on time (I was working on a comic book for a small company at the time and was too busy!) I was very sad! But, Mario, I think your prize was very good! I think having art related tutorials like this for a prize makes a lot of sense, actually. SO I think the prize was awesome.

    Also, if it’s okay, in my spare time, I still work on my entry and when I finish, maybe you can post it in a blog simply for display!

    • Mario Post author

      Hi Nate,

      That you hadn’t enough time to finish your drawing is really sad. I was looking forward to it.

      The idea of posting it in a future blog post is great. Maybe we can do this in combination with a live interview we could do via Google chat or video chat.

      I would also love to do this with Barbara and many others!

  • Learned Wolf

    Well i am just typing this cause you r friend said it s an epic fail, lol. I disagree, take me for example, when i first started drawing i did not use any tutorials, i felt there was no need as my skill s where that of a 5 year old… And i could have not did what the tut s required of me. As i got better, i started to read different hints\tips\tutorials and so on. This is also the way i stumbled upon you r u tube vid tutorials, which are great ;)
    Now, i feel i have improved quite a bit, and i find myself constantly looking for materials to learn from.
    The more you know, the more you wanna know kind of thing :D