The Naked Truth Continues – This Was Sold In January 2011

Last month I posted this article on the earnings of this blog in 2010. The outcome was that I have to wait 52 years for my Amazon check. This was kind of funny and a question (posted directly into my to-do-list) screamed for an update on this.

If you read this article you agree with me that there would’nt be much to talk about on the Amazon earnings, at least not a month later.

Funny enough there is some movement here. This is the reason why I just decided to give this a regular follow up. You are well informed enough to know that some blog-about-blogging-blogs, make-money-online-blogs and other websites of this kind are publishing their earnings. And they should because if they don’t have a little proof how valuable would be their information.

Of course you are always be aware about this possibility of scam.

However, you’re probably more interested about the earnings of a blog that doesn’t fit in the category mentioned earlier.

You will forgive me that I don’t give away all the information of all the sources and keep it by the sales made via Amazon. So, here is the Amazon sale made in January 2011:

I didn’t promote or mentioned the Movie Micmas anywhere. The funny thing is that I watched it last year in New York during my stay at my sister Ilaria’s place.

If you want to know more about it please have a look at the description of the DVD. All I can say is that it was a very funny, heart warming and sweet movie.

Even funnier: I’m used to read subtitles over here in the Netherlands. The reason is this: I read them because they are there. Even if I know the spoken language I will read them. But when I’m in America I’m used not to read them at all. This was what I did whilst watching this French movie. I tried to understand what they where saying and then remembered that I don’t speak a single word French. The result was that I always had to hurry up reading the subtitles before they were gone.

OK, let me give you the hard numbers you are looking for. The commission I made on this sale were $0,68. Yay!

If you ask yourself How can this guy live from this blog? the answer is simple. I can’t yet. But Daisy can and I’m very grateful for this.


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