At Last: A Close Look At The Nib Wear Of The Wacom Intuos4 Pen

After drawing for a while with the Wacom Intuos4 drawing tablet it’s time to have a closer look at the nib wear everybody is talking about.

There is one thing for sure: the nibs are wearing off more fast than for example the nib of the pen that came with the Wacom Volito.

But is the nib wear really as excessive as you can read in certain reviews. I always like to try things for myself when possible and see the real life results.

The decision to do so in the case of the Wacom Intuos4 was very easy as there is zero to none competition when it comes to professional gear for the digital artist.

Please keep in mind that I had for 25% of the time a sheet of paper laying on the active surface of the tablet. So you could theoretically add 25% more wear to the final ‘nib wear result’.

It wasn’t easy to keep the picture sharp all the time during filming but I guess you can see the result very clear and you can come to your own conclusions after watching the video:

In my opinion it’s really the user who has a big influence on the nib wear. The fact that your Intuos4 pen has a pressure sensitiveness of 2048 levels doesn’t mean that you have to press on it like you life depends on it. The contrary is true.

Hold and press it gentle and you will have a long way of drawing in front of you before you really need to purchase a new set of nibs.

Of course I know that the main complain was the danger of damaging the drawing tablet itself. I did not see any harm done to the tablet during the drawing process. If I will in the the future you’ll read it here.

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