Add Your Tutorial Requests And Suggestions On My To-Do-List

Sometimes thinking simple brings great solutions. I guess today I had the right, simple idea to communicate faster and better with you as my regular blog visitor and tutorial reader.

You know the situation: someone has a question and you grab a piece of paper an write it down on something you call your To-Do-List. The problem is that these lists seem to live a life on their own and have the weird behavior to crawl under a pile of paper and are discovered during your archeological diggings on your desk weeks or even month later.

Sounds familiar? For me it does. More than once I received a question from a reader that would have made a nice tutorial or even a whole course. Some of the tutorials I made are the results of this questions.

Most of the time I make a mental note for later and very often something happens and I have to procrastinate.

Today I decided to give you the possibility to add your tutorial requests or suggestion directly on my To-Do-List. Free of any hassle. You don’t have to give me your e-mail address, you don’t have to e-mail me via the contact form, you don’t even have to tell me your name (though this is optional as I like to know who’s asking).

In the sidebar right under the search box you find the link to the form where you can submit your tutorial request or suggestion. Just type it in, hit the submit button and you’re done.

I can’t promise you to go to work on it right away, but I can promise you that it doesn’t disappears under a pile of paper on my desk. I’ll check my list on an almost daily basis.

You can make use of this new feature right away by clicking here or in the side bar of course.

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