This Is The Prize Of The Second Mario LIVE Drawing Contest 2

Today I want to reveal the prize you can win during the second Mario LIVE drawing contest:

It’s the DVD Dynamic Figure Drawing: The Head by David Finch as a digital download. I really want you to have this and I’m sure that you will love it.

This DVD is one part of a series of 3.

  1. Dynamic Figure Drawing: The Head
  2. Dynamic Figure Drawing: The Body
  3. Dynamic Figure Drawing: Hands and Feet

David Finch is a cutting edge comic book artist. He worked for Marvel on various titles and currently he made the transition from Marvel Comics  to DC Comics and the Warner Brothers banner.

As I own the whole series by myself I can guarantee you that this is real professional stuff. David shows you in very easy to following steps how you can create your own characters without the need of a reverence.

As I said in an earlier video, this DVD series is just like a face to face class where you can look over the shoulders of a professional while the magic happens. It is really worth your effort of participating in the drawing contest.

The contest will start shortly.
In the end I will contact the winner, pay for the digital download and send you
the download password.

Stay tuned for more.

You can sign in for the contest by clicking here.

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