Testing Comment Closing Time 2

Now this blog has a somewhat higher amount of visitors there is a time consuming problem rising.

It’s comment spam what I’m talking about. This is why I decided to test closing comments after a post has reached the age of 30 days. I’m not yet sure if I keep it this way but here is the upside:

Just after one day of implementing this restriction it’s amazing to see that there is nothing in the spam queue.

Usually I have to browse through page full of comments in the spam queue to sort out if there is a comment that landed there by accident or is considered spam because the commenter did not follow the commenting rules in the ToS of this website.

The most likely reason is almost every time a link in the comment itself. It is not allowed to put links into the comment. There are exception but as rule of thumb you can say if you are not Miguel Guerra, Joe or Piledriver you may not put links into the comment.

Even if you are the comment will end up in the ‘pending queue’ and has to be approved by me.

The reason that this 3 visitors above are exceptions of the rule is that they never link to anything unrelated and that they have very valuable comments for other readers.

However, it’s a pity if I trash a comment because it is between the tons of spam and it wasn’t spam at all. You can imagine that it is a extra workload to sort this things out every day. With this new restriction this belongs to the past.

If you like to comment on a post I have to ask you to do so within the 30 days window. I always got an e-mail when there is a new comment. If you comment for the first time it always has to be approved. After that your comments will be approved automatically what doesn’t mean that I do not screen them.

This is not to play the nanny over the commenter. I’m just curious what you have to say. All of you. Wouldn’t it be stupid if I hadn’t any interest in what you have to say at all?

If you have any questions you always can contact me via the contact form. I answer all of the time. In the end I’m really interested in what makes you tick.

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2 thoughts on “Testing Comment Closing Time

  • joe

    Spam can hit a new thread the same as an old thread. Several different things can be done either alone or in combination, and this can be automated.
    1. until there’s 10 or 20 comments from an ip address they also get a captcha
    2. add a bot detection script to the comment page
    3. if spam has been comming from an ip address, add the ip address to a banned list
    4. if using dynamic pages or an ip address script, someone from a banned list or a bot doesn’t get a page with a comment form
    5. add a flag comment as spam function for readers

    Somewhat related to the spam issue, delete the comments for a couple of reasons.
    1. They may be benefiting by having links to raise a search rating.
    2. What they may be linking to may not be desired, ie the goatse dude.
    3. They may be promoting something that could be hazardous. An example is growth aids. The way they read would indicate that there’s been enough growth to cause you to trip while walking or running, or develop a hernia; or if National Lampoon was telling the truth – use among other things as a cooking utensil, any of these would be extremely painful. I’m not kidding about the utensil, one of their early history of man articles depicted it’s use as a laddle in a boiling pot.

    • Mario Post author

      Hi Joe,

      Thank you for your input on this. The first think I have to say after 12 days of testing is that it is a total relieve as the spam queue stays empty in comparison to the time before this restriction was implemented.

      Of course spam comments can hit old and new threads. The most spam comments however where send to the comment sections of older posts. This isn’t really the problem as Askimet keeps it out of the real comments. Askimet provides me also with the possibility of blocking IP-based etc.

      Anyway, this always means more work from my side and this is what I want to prevent as this blog absorbs already a big chunk of my time. Also if I would put another script and/or another plugin into the blog there are different disadvantages. One of them is that the resource usage of my shared hosting will go up with every extra script running. I already had a warning from my host about this.

      I think the best way to handle this with the best result and the most little effort is keep this restriction of 30 days.