Start Of The Second Mario LIVE Drawing Contest 2

It’s time to start the second Mario LIVE Drawing contest!

How To Participate In This Drawing Contest?

To participate just click here to join the participants list. If you joined the last drawing contest you don’t need to subscribe again as you are already on the participant list. You will always be informed about this and future drawing contest until you unscubscribe.

Please note that joining the drawing contest and signing up to the newsletter are two different pieces of cake. If you a newsletter subscriber you are not automatically subscribed to the participant list. Not even if you wanted to. This is because I never send you anything you didn’t asked and/or subscribed to.

What Art Is Accepted For This Drawing Contest?

Just like in the first drawing contest there are no restrictions on how you craft your artwork. It can be digitally with programs like Manga Studio or Photoshop. It also can be made by hand with every medium you like.

The only thing I want you to keep in mind is if you send in your artwork is this:

  • I prefer the JPG format
  • Please make sure that it doesn’t exceed the width of 520 pixels. This makes sure that it fits into the post that will be created with your drawing in it.

If you have any problems with resizing your artwork don’t panic. I will resize it for you but I’m very grateful if I receive it wit the proper measurement already.

Please note: when I resize your artwork I will decrease it to the measurement mentioned but will never increase it. This is to prevent getting a pixilated result. I want to make sure that I can publish your images without loss of quality.

How Will The Voting Be Done In This Drawing Contest To Determine The Winner?

After you sent in your artwork I will create a blog post with the image in it and the information you’ve provided. In every blog post there is a Facebook like button. I will like, stumble and tweet every single one of the participations.

You then can share it with your friends, friends of friends, family, workmates and the rest of the world and ask them to hit the like button in the particular post. I provide you the URL so everything is going smoothly. Just the Facebook likes in the post will count. Please keep that in mind.

The drawing with the most Facebook likes will be the winner of the second Mario LIVE drawing contest.

What If Something Goes Technically Wrong?

Other than during the first drawing contest I have an emergency plan if something goes technically wrong. Let’s say the like buttons stop working or something worse will happen.

In this case I assembled a team of volunteer that will go through all the drawings of the participants an give points anonymously to every drawing. After this we add it all up and determine the winner.

This is just in case of. As you can see we are prepared for most of the things that can happen.

The Prize For The Winner

As I described in detail in this video and article the Prize is the downloadable Gnomon Workshop DVD Dynamic Figure Drawing: The Head by David Finch. A cutting edge course that let’s you create your own characters without using references.

This Drawing Contest Has A Theme

Other than the last drawing contest, this drawing contest is a little less free when it comes to the contest but none the less there is many room for free styling.

Who could I’ve better have asked for suggestions than the participants of the last drawing contest?

The best suggestion in my opinion came from Brenda and I picked her idea because there is also a learning and practicing involved, as you can develop a feel for storyboarding if you haven’t done so already. So the theme for this second drawing contest is:

Create A Story Or Joke In Just One Page!

The Start Date Of The Drawing Contest

Very important is of course the start date of the drawing contest. It’s January the 16th 2011 00:01 CET.

You don’t have to check your watch. At the moment where you can read this article or watch the video the contest has started. Just as easy as that.

The Deadline For Sending In Your Artwork

The deadline for sending in your artwork is February the 6th. So you have 3 weeks to become creative and share your outcome with us.

The End Date Of The Contest

The contest ends on Sunday the 13th of February. On this date all the votes will be counted and the winner will be determined. Like the last time I will publish a video with all the art in it and the announce the winner of the second drawing contest here on Mario LIVE.

The reason to have one week between the deadline and the end of voting is that last time the participants who sent in their artwork late they didn’t really had a chance to promote the accompanying post and gathering the votes they could’ve get.

I think it’s very fair for everyone to have a week between deadline and determining the winner. This is especially good for people who are not that good with deadlines.

Yawn, here’s the legal stuff

  • By participating with your artwork you automatically agree that it may be published on this blog and stays there forever (at least as long as this blog excists)
  • You are fully responsible for the artwork you are participating with. So don’t use other peoples stuff. They will chase you down and not until you love them (gosh, this Gaga girl really got me). Seriously: don’t use other peoples stuff as you agree that all the legal charges and claims are for you.
  • Have fun! This is no legal advice but I put it here anyway.

I look forward to see all your artwork and wish us all a pleasant time during this second Mario LIVE drawing contest.

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2 thoughts on “Start Of The Second Mario LIVE Drawing Contest

  • Meryll

    Hi Mario! :)
    I really like the theme. Makes me think of what I should draw if I would join. Unfortunately, I have to write my finals so I can’t join for now. :| (I will just post this on my Facebook page so, in case some of my friends are interested, they could join the contest. :) ) I hope this will become another successful contest! Have a nice day! :D