Spubba’s Tutorial On Advanced Cell Shading In Manga Studio EX 4.0

If you are around for a while you certainly remember Spubba’s Fast and Ugly Tutorial on Importing Textured Models into Manga Studio EX 4. Today Spubba (who came btw up with the idea for the theme of the current drawing contest) surprised me again.

Surprised when somebody creates a tutorial? you may ask. No, what surprised me is that Spubba brings the whole idea I (and many other people have) about cell shading to a new level. This is because she uses gradients in her technique what is a totally different approach of what I think of when it comes to cell shading.

The effects she achieves here are amazing and you will see that she is a wonderful, professional comic book artist.

Her tutorial isn’t just about cell shading but also about speeding up the coloring process. This makes it even more interesting.

You should have an intermediate to advanced skill level in Manga Studio EX 4 to be able to follow this tutorial easily. If you want to refresh your knowledge on the variety of tools before getting started you can do this here.

Be prepared for a long tutorial that took Spubba a long time to put together.
Visit her tutorial by clicking here

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