Free Natural Media Pattern Brushes For Manga Studio

I just had another conversation with Adam. We nearly reached our boiling points when we discovered after several tests that Manga Studio seemingly ignores your page size if you export your image into a PDF. No matter what resolution you use, if you export by pixel or dimension, if you say that you want it tiny, it will produce a gigantic PDF file.

While I was smashing my forehead on my desk I received a last message from Adam to ease my pain. He send me a link to illustrator Ray Fenden’s website who released his natural media brushes for Manga Studio 4.

While the swelling of my forehead slowly disappeared I installed Ray’s brushes and tested all of them. They have nearly everything I miss in the standard pattern brushes and I think they’ll open a new creative door in the coloring process.

I think you should try them out as well. You find the download link and the installation instruction by clicking here.

Thanks to Ray for his generosity of sharing his brush set and to Adam for letting us all know!

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