Erase More Efficient Without Using The Eraser At All

What I really love about the pen of my Wacom Intuos4 tablet is that it has an eraser at the other end of it. So just like with a real pencil I just can turn it around and erase just like in the old school days where I had to erase a lot.

And it doesn’t matter if you use Manga Studio, Photoshop, Illustrator or any other graphic application. In all cases I saw so far the software will obey your pen and activate the eraser as soon as you turn it and will go back to the tool you used beforehand.

Thus, two times in a row you hadn’t to select your tools at the tool bar. Sounds not much but if you work a lot in this applications you know that this adds up and you save a bunch of time.

While we all falling in love with gadgets like this very easily we often overlook that (even though they make things easier) there are more efficient ways to do the same work in less time.

Yes, you can work even faster. It’s too obvious in fact. All you have to do is not using the eraser tool of your application at all. You also don’t need to flip the pen of your tablet.

When I work on larger areas I use the lasso tool (all applications I know have one) and then mark the area you want to erase. Once you’ve done that you just need to hit the delete button on your keyboard and your done.

It won’t take long and you will see that this can be much more efficient and more precise than using the eraser.

Give it a try.

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