Drawing Contest 2 Participant #3: Steve Davies 3

The third participant of the second Mario LIVE drawing contest is Steve Davies. Let’s have a look at his one page story!

I want to encourage you to help Steve win this second drawing contest by hitting the Facebook Like-button you find on top and bottom on this post. On Sunday the 13th of February all the votes will be counted.

Steve’s page is based on a true story. It was the first time he realized that if he makes a casual, cynical comment, somebody might act on it. He has decided to make it #1 of a series that he can use occasionally when he feels the need to confess…

You can read Steve’s webcomic Policy Police right here.

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3 thoughts on “Drawing Contest 2 Participant #3: Steve Davies

  • Steve Davies


    My “Likes” have disappeared. Maybe nobody likes me anymore. I guess it’s to do with the technical problem you posted about, but I’ve only just noticed. Don’t think I was going to catch Barbara anyway.


  • Steve Davies

    These things happen, don’t they. I’m often left wondering whether I managed to fix something or whether it fixed itself. Every time I switch on my computer, or go on to the internet, I’m still filled with wonder that it works at all.