Beating The Grids – From Doodle To Girl By Throwing Some Lines 2

While I wasn’t very productive this week so far when it comes to my graphic novel I experimented a little and tried to get into the flow by doodling a western style girl. You guess it right, I did the whole thing from beginning to the end in Manga Studio 4 EX.

When I draw this kind of girls I nearly don’t use any grids. Don’t get me wrong, of course I make a very rough sketch at first. Other than I did in my Manga Babe course I threw the lines. Just for the head I made a kind of a fast grid.

Once the overall shape is on the canvas and it’s recognizable (at least for me) I know in a certain way if I’m on the right way. You could say the lines then are a kind of a roadmap for the further drawing.

You can compare this with carving your model out of a rock or a large piece of wood. I always recommend starting out with grids to get a fast result. Once you’re more confident with your eye and hand coordination (in most cases after 10 of this kind of drawings) you will enjoy throwing the lines and getting the shapes right very fast.

The image above however has some flaws in it. I’m curious if you can put a finger on it.

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2 thoughts on “Beating The Grids – From Doodle To Girl By Throwing Some Lines

  • Ilaria

    Hi Mario,

    what’s going on with her bottom garment? Is it a pair of shorts? Is it a ridiculously short miniskirt? If this girl stand up, her ass will be hanging out for all to see, I’m afraid.
    And there is something going on at the top of her left thigh, under the arm, where the strange blue garment ends, what’s up with that?

    I love this drawing, it’s really well done. And the leather jacket!!!!! It came out beautifully, and I know why… (hee hee, inside information!)
    Lots of love, as always, from your sister in Brooklyn!

    • Mario Post author

      Hi Ilaria,

      It was by purpose to dress here in a way that her ass would be shown to the world if she would stand up. I wanted to give her a cut of denim and the thing thats going on are some threads as a result of this. I wasn’t really sure if it would be the pants or a skirt so I screwed it up a little as leaving it as it was.

      My main focus was indeed the leather jacket as I just did some studies on different materials when i was drawng it.