Another Result Of Throwing Some Lines – From Doodle To Bored Party Girl 5

Even though I’m not drawing what I’m supposed to at the moment as long as the pen hits the tablet I’m at least some kind of productive.

After doing the first sketch I penciled the whole thing in three different stages in Manga Studio. Here I added some details in each stage. It’s nice to see emerge what’s on your mind while working this way. Once everything was in place I took a short coffee bread and then inked it.

After that I did the flat coloring, then walked the dog and when I got home I added some life to the bored party girl by coloring it.

It’s pretty much what I had in mind. Pretty much. Not totally. How did your doodling go today?

At the time of writing this it’s still time to join the drawing contest.

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5 thoughts on “Another Result Of Throwing Some Lines – From Doodle To Bored Party Girl

  • nate

    this a very good looking drawing. Not sure if it’s the coloring or the pose or both but something about this girl is very alluring, very seductive and really draws the reader in. Congratulations on achieving a rare depth with a great piece of art!

    • Mario Post author

      Thank you very much, Nate. Seems that I achieved the result I wanted. You see, she had to express that she isn’t really comfortable at the place where she is (wherever it is) and the community she is. Still she had to be kind of sexy and seen the ring at her lower lip she would fit more in a wilder party where she know how to handle the situation.

      Gosh, this sounds as if I’m knowing what I’m talking about :-)

  • Molly

    Thats gorgeous! I really love the pose, and the angle of her face. She certainly does look like a bored party girl ! The coloring is lovely. I also love how you take breaks between stages in your art, I think taking breaks like that is great because you can come back to your art with a fresh mind and sometimes see things that need improvement that you couldn’t see before when you have been staring at it for a while without a break. Her dress is really nice and the lighting is lovely !
    Keep up the amazing work! :)