Why Your Ink Can Become Transparent When You Change The Color In Manga Studio

Today I got asked by a user of Manga Studio how it comes that her ink becomes transparent once she changes the color of it. The cause is a common mistake and this video is the solution to this problem.

Here is a over view how your ink will behave on different layers:

  • Raster layer black and white 2 bit: If you choose another color than black it still will be black but it will become transparent. The degree of the transparency will vary depending on the color you’ve chosen.
  • Raster layer 32 bit color: Of course just the color will change and it will not have any effect on the transparency when you choose another color.
  • Vector layer black and white 2 bit: No matter what color you choose. the ink stays black. Exception: white!
  • Vector layer 32 bit color: You can choose whatever color you want without effecting the transparency of the ink.

I hope this helps.

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