The Naked Truth: What’s Sold On Mario Live In 2010? 5

The idea for this post isn’t from me. Actually it’s inspired by Darren Rowse over at who recently posted a list of the funniest things he sold via Amazon.

After reading and laughing about the sold dildo’s and car engines I got curious myself about my own Amazon sales. Soon I discovered that my list was much shorter than the list of the man behind 31 Days To Build A Better Blog (not just a book but also an event I joint last year).

Even worse, it wasn’t as even funny as Darren’s. So I decided to make a list of all the stuff sold on Mario LIVE! Be it via Amazon or any other vendor.


Because the result is pretty embarrassing but I can laugh about myself if I have to, I give you the exact numbers here.

According to Seth Godin the Amazon commissions are lousy as there is no friction. If you want to know more about this read his blog.  I try to read his posts every day.

This year my Amazon commissions piled up to the amazing amount of $1,91!

Here are the sold items:

How To Draw Manga Volume 1: Compiling Characters

This little rocker made me a commission of $0,12 and if you ever asked yourself Is this guy doing it for the money? the answer is simple: Of course!

Anyway, I guess this sell was a direct result of the article and video in which I reviewed the series of How To Draw Manga Books. Read and watch it here if you like.

Apart from this killer commission it is priceless to have interesting comments and interactions with artists like Miguel Guerra as a direct result of this kind of articles.

How To Draw Manga: Sketching Manga-Style Volume 3: Unforgettable Characteristics

I didn’t review this one so this proofs once you’re at Amazon they are doing the rest. They turn you head over heels and shake you! They won’t let go until Mario gets his $0,79 commission.

Let’s face it: is there an easier way to put sugar into my coffee for at least a week or two?

So, think about my coffee next time you are looking at books like this. I bet you do right after hitting the buy-button.

Let’s Draw Manga: Sexy Gals

Again one I didn’t review. In my opinion this one proofs that most of the readers are male.

Drawing females is more fun than drawing males. Sexy or not.

And at a second thought I think it doesn’t matter if you are female or male. I guess everybody prefers to draw female characters.

Before I forget: this dollar earner made me a commission of $0,60!

Techniques for Drawing Female Manga Characters

Hey, this is one of the books I own myself and reviewed here.

In this case $0,40 found their way into my account over at Amazon.

This rocks! As I live in the Netherlands the payment threshold is $100,-

In other words I just have to wait for another 52 years to receive my check. I wonder what the sugar prices will do in 52 years. With a little luck it’s still enough to buy the accompanying package of coffee and creamer once I get paid.

OK, you know what? I have no problems with that at all. Rather than plastering irrelevant stuff all over the side I will keep it the way I did it until today: if I feel that an item is worth a recommendation and I’ve had at least a brief look at it myself I will link to it. If you are one of my long time visitors you will also have noticed that I removed the page with my Amazon store from this blog. I think the reason for doing so is obvious.

Manga Studio

Actually I can’t tell how many copies of Manga Studio are sold via this blog. My statistics just tell me that I have sold products by Smith Micro the vendor of the program.

I can imagine that it’s the same situation here: people visit their site via my link and find other interesting stuff they need for whatever they are up to as well over at their site.

It’s by the way not more than logical that there are a couple of copies are sold as my blog provides some kind of values to users of Manga Studio through the tutorials. Whether they already own the program or they are considering purchasing it.

The commissions that this software made me are higher than the Amazon earnings and they bring in coffee for weeks at least.

Other Third Party Courses

Let’s have a look at the other courses sold via this blog. This time I really can make a hit list and even though I don’t give you the exact numbers I can tell you that these commissions are generating enough for a couple of month hosting this blog. Yes, let’s step away from the coffee model.

Here is the list starting with #1:

  1. Digital Cartoon Painting with Chad Baldwin
    I reviewed the product in this article.
  2. 8 Easy Steps To Drawing A Potrait by Chris Sea
    Articles covering this topic can be read here and here.
  3. How To Draw Cars With Tim Rugendyke
    I discussed this one here.


As a result of my article on How To Avoid A Total Failure If You Consider A Chinese Tattoo the service of Yingying I mentioned here made me at least one month worth of hosting this blog in commissions.

One of my favorites and in my opinion most related vendors Things From Another World paid for another couple of mugs with coffee. Hey, I reckon in coffee again here.

Own Product

It still amazes me that Draw Your Manga Babe The Fun, Quick And Easy Way exceeded the sale numbers of my novel Loser – Director’s Cut. I’m talking about a physical book here sold in the Netherlands.

Though every penny has been reinvested in promoting this blog elsewhere the income would have been good for quite a while of hosting. I’m very grateful for this.

Project Wonderful

Even though sometimes it’s hard to put a finger on it how to use them properly, the Project Wonderful ads are the most profitable. Even though it’s like a game sometimes as every cent what comes in via this network I put back into advertize somewhere else. Sometimes it’s like a Catch22.


Though it wasn’t really working in the past as the advertizing provided by AdSense wasn’t that relevant (I remember that I mentioned this before) things have changed since my blog changed direction.

This year the income generated by AdSense was at least worth half a year of hosting and I’m not going to remove it anytime soon.

The reason for me to post this in the comic category is that it’s the most read one on the whole blog and I don’t see in what category I should post it instead.

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5 thoughts on “The Naked Truth: What’s Sold On Mario Live In 2010?

  • Miryam Stenger

    I love this post; what a wonderful idea. Occasionally I go and look into Adsense or Amazon to see how many dollars and cents I’ve earned but I’ve never thought of adding it all up to know how much I have earned each year. Like you, the figures I get faced with are quite low. My biggest income comes from my advertising of the web hosting company, and since they pay me 60 USD for each person who signs up through my link this makes me deliriously happy! I have promoted other people’s products through their clickbank link – products I have bought myself. However, the one product (an ebook) that I can say was a ‘best seller’ was the one that the product’s owner decided to take off the market after one year… which sadly made me wonder if the content of the product was really all as good as it made out to be.

    Mario, you have inspired me to do a more in-depth look at my online revenue. If I write a post on my blog about this than I will have to research and – where necessary – make changes to increase my online income. I’m glad to see that now none of your advertising links point to Super Mario console games!

    Have a happy and prosperous new year… with lots of sugar-filled coffees! x

    • Mario Post author

      Hi Miryam,
      Thank you very much for your comment and a happy new year! I always keep an eye on the money spend and what comes in as in the end there has to be some sort of income to keep this blog up and running. Most important is the fact that I can go on with some of my passions.

      Have to drink a cup of coffee now and study some drawing related stuff!

  • joe

    Mario did you click the links to read the descriptions in Rowse’s article, it gets better, the dildo and car engine sales are connected. To quote the verbage for the former item, it states “Our vibrators all feature our exclusive, patented replaceable motor system.”

      • joe

        This was probabably invented by a TSA agent. Technology is great. Just when everyone is beginning to agree that texting while driving needs to be banned, we’ll probabably be dealt another “blow.” I’m waiting to see if any Madison Ave types decide to go retro with 1950 era car ads about “reintroducing pleasure to driving.” Going one step further, car manufacturers may introduce anti-theft systems that incapacitate a would be thief (something along the lines of a non-lethal alternative to shotgun shells rigged under the driver’s seat).

        Flying should also be effected and starts to become a pain, a real one in the $$$. The TSA has the opportunity to go low tech just to order these since press releases disclosed that scanning can’t detect internally concealed weapons. You will know this has happened when you see a sign posted, “At the yellow line in front of you, touch your toes and avoid the urge to move away.”