Spubba’s Fast and Ugly Tutorial on Importing Textured Models into Manga Studio EX 4

Spubba tends to call herself Spubba the mad. I don’t know why I mention this but it’s probably because I don’t want to call her mad. Surly not after she is providing a nice tutorial here.

After communicating a couple of times with Spubba I noticed that we have at least one thing in common: we both like to figure out possibilities, whether or not we are up to use them later on.

One day Spubba overwhelmed me with the question how to add textures to a 3D model and then import it into Manga Studio EX 4. I immediately had to admit that I had no clue at all. I wouldn’t even bother to think about it, I said, if I would for example put an image on a TV-screen within a drawing I would just import the image and then make it fit with the free transform tool.

However, there are possibly advanced users who will go beyond that level and want to create and import self made, textured 3D objects.

Thus, for those of you who are as curious as Spubba here is the link to her Fast and Ugly Tutorial on Importing Textured Models Into Manga Studio EX 4(she called it ugly herself!). Please notice: This tutorial assumes basic knowledge of both Lightwave 8 Modeler and Manga Studio EX 4.

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