Learning Dynamic Figure Drawing From A Pro: David Finch

A couple of weeks ago I treated myself on 3 DVD’s from The Gnomon Workshop by David Finch. As I don’t have a credit card I couldn’t purchase them at Amazon and was glad to see that I could use my Paypal play-money over at the website of the Gnomon Workshop itself.

After reading this and this article and watching the accompanying video I’m sure you agree that I’m able to do portrait drawings very well. You probably wonder why I feel the need for education when it comes to comic drawing and the answer is very simple: it is a totally different discipline to create a character from scratch without any reference.

You could argue that drawing Manga is exactly that and given the fact that my eBook Draw Your Manga Babe The Fun, Quick And Easy Way in the meantime has sold more often than the physic copies of my literary thriller Loser – Director’s Cut should prove that there is no need for me to learn some more. My argument here is exactly the same: it’s a different kind of sport. It’s another discipline to draw in western style than in Manga style.

The three David Finch DVD’s I purchased as direct download at The Gnomon Workshop can also be purchased at Amazon as I already mentioned. This are the titles that I highly recommend to you if you want to bring your comic character drawings some levels up:

Dynamic Figure Drawing: The Head (with David Finch)
Dynamic Figure Drawing: The Body (with David Finch)
Dynamic Figure Drawing: Hands and Feet (with David Finch)

The main reason for me to purchase this DVD’s was that I decided to create Wall Street Hijack in western style rather than in Manga style. It really took a while to make a final decision on this and I have to admit that after all I like the western style the most. It’s maybe surprising but this is just the way it is.

It will take a while until the results of my study will be visible in the results over at Wall Street Hijack but in the chapters to come there will be visible results. I will talk about that in detail in the Author Commentary videos I provide after each chapter.

While I was writing this article I found this interesting and motivating series of videos where David Finch and Tony Gray discuss their work and give you some insight in the comic industry. Enjoy:

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