How Easy It Is To Make A Spread Page In Manga Studio 6

This was one of the easiest questions I had on my to-answer-list so it was very convenient for me to answer this first and keep the more complicated ones for the next posts.

It’s not that I’m lazy but I have to hurry a little with my Wall Street Hijack project. The nice thing of doing this project is by the way that I run in snag myself so now and then (actually it’s not nice) and then have to figure it all out. The outcome is always a solution I can share with you.

But OK, before I drift of I want to share with in a short video how you can make a drawing in Manga Studio that is spread over two pages. It’s kind of obvious that you need to create a story file for this. Don’t be afraid as I’ll guide you through the complete process in Manga Studio.

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6 thoughts on “How Easy It Is To Make A Spread Page In Manga Studio

  • Matt Brooker

    In Manga Studio Ex 4 for Mac the "Spread" function is called "Match Pages."

    What my copy does – and what it looks like your copy is doing as well – is for pages that have a bleed allowance round the edge, it just crudely glues two pages together with the two bleed allowances down the middle, meaning the double page is too wide by that amount. You'll need to add your own guides to the page to take this into account, and shift the Panel Rulers in a bit.

    Also, on my copy, if you make a spread from a custom template with lots of layers built in, those layers will be lost if there's nothing in them. I use a template with thirty layers in five groups, and I have to go through the whole stack adding a little dab with the pen tool so there layers have something on them before making the spread.

  • Gemma Plum

    I realise it is ridiculously late to reply to this, but since this is the only remark about the excessive bleed on the whole wide webb (in 2015, three years after your remark, Matt, five years after the original post by Mario; how time flies when you’re having fun…). I discovered the solution… No extra guide, just a clean solution in the program…

    For those of you are also looking to answer the question of the excessive bleed on the double page spread:

    Click on the spread.
    Got to: VIEW,
    then click: ALIGN CROPMARKS on bottom of the pop up window
    you can set the gap to what ever you want. I suggest 0.

    Easy… Good luck…