Get Rid Of The Page Numbers Without Getting Nuts In Manga Studio

A while ago I told you in one of my tutorials that you don’t have to do anything if you want to create a JPG-file of your drawing in Manga Studio. This is true as long as you don’t want to do this with a drawing out of your story.

The problem that we face here is that we don’t get rid of the page numbers even if we turn them of in the view- and story-menu.

There is just no point to do that. You can tell the program where to place the page numbers but no point that says to hide them. Aaarghh!

Honestly my first step was to browsing the web for a solution but I found nothing and suddenly I was remembered on the fact that I’m the guy with this kind of tutorials whether I like it or not. Don’t get me wrong at this, there are great tips out there regarding Manga Studio but just never the things that I’m looking for.

The problem is in fact kind of a luxury problem. We just can’t make use of the automatic ability of Manga Studio to create JPG’s. If you don’t want to see the page numbers on your image you have to export it to a JPG manually.

Here is the whole thing in video format:

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