Contest Winner Meryll’s First Sketch With Manga Studio Debut 10

When Meryll won her free copy of Manga Studio Debut during our drawing contest last month I couldn’t wait to see a first result. Because her winning artwork was drawn in pastels I had no clue what to expect. Are you as curious as I am? Let’s have a look at her video:

Meryll told me that it wasn’t easy for her at all to make the step to digital drawing.

This is exactly what my first thought was when I was starting out with Manga Studio. And it wasn’t just a thought. I remember that I said to my friend Pedro one night at the bar: ‘This will not work. I just can’t get used to this way of hand-eye-coordination. Staring at the screen whilst drawing on a tablet.’

I came over it very fast and as you can see in the video above, Meryll came over it whilst being in the creative process. She said that she don’t like her first drawing and I think we all have to disagree with her. I think she did a very good job here. What do you think? Leave your comment below.

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