A Problem With Your Webcomic You Didn’t Know About

OK, maybe I’m exaggerating and you already face this problem, but before diving into the world of publishing your self hosted webcomic this is something you should take into consideration.

There are so many websites and people who know it all, telling you that you can start your own self hosted site for less then 10 bucks a month without any problem. This is true but this will only be until your success is looking around the corner.

What they don’t tell you is that if you are succesful and you attract an amount of traffic that you didn’t reckon with that the ten bucks a month ferry tale comes to an end very quickly. Your success will become a problem and you have to be aware of this because it can drain money out of your bank account that you wasn’t up to spend.

Especially if you publish your webcomic you will face the problem of bandwidth usage much faster than with a regular blog where the largest amount of content consists normally of text and embedded video’s that are usually hosted on sites like Youtube. Yes, we can be grateful that they handle the bandwidth part for us even though I think that if we talking about bandwidth we talking about backed air, like a Dutch saying goes.

I’m not telling you that you don’t face this problem with a regular blog (for this blog this ferry tale had ended a while ago) but you don’t face it as fast as with a webcomic or graphic novel.

Let’s assume you have created a webcomic in full color. You know that an image in color is larger than the black and white version.

Let’s assume further that you have a hosting plan that gives you a monthly bandwidth usage of 5GB. That’s a lot I hear you think.

But let us do the math:
If one page of your webcomic has the size of 100 kb and 10 people come for a visit you just use approximately 1 MB of your bandwidth.

Hey, this is nothing you may say, I have 5000 MB as 5 GB are 5000MB.

I know that this still sounds like a lot, but let’s say you have 10 pages of your webcomic published all with an sites around the 100 kb. If it’s that attractive that every unique visitor loads all of them  the math looks like this:

10 x 100 kb is 1 MB. Thus if your bandwidth usage is 5000MB you can serve your artwork to just 5000 unique visitors a month that generate 50.000 pageviews.

This sounds like a lot but it will decrease with every image you upload. Once you have 20 pages drawn you can serve them to a enthousiastic audience of 2500 unique visitors a month whilst using the same bandwidth.

Even though if you are just starting out and it seems far fetched that you get this amount of visitors. Be aware of the fact that you can become more successful than you think right now. So before you start you should be prepared and consider if it is enough to publish in black and white.

You should at least use the possibility to decrease the filesize by not only change the measurement of the finally published work but also use software that gives you the possibity to compress your artwork. Another advantage is that the loading time will decrease.

Think about this before you get into problems with this like a host who shuts down your site for the rest of the month because you exceeded the limits.

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