Why American Gangster Really Had An End And Why Free Downloading Is Not Free At All

A while ago when I was having a drink with my mates I had this conversation with René. This time it was about the Ridley Scott movie American Gangster with Denzil Washington and Russel Crowe. At one point René told me that he didn’t like that movie very much as it ended kind of abrupt. He thought it was very disappointing to watch a movie that was also nominated for an Academy Award and that ended that suddenly.

I was flabbergasted at that moment and we talked about the ending of the movie. It seemed that he and his wife had missed the last fifteen minutes of the movie. When I told him how the version ended that I saw (I’ve seen so many movies in the meantime that I don’t really remember at the time of writing this down) het turned to his wife and said:

"Sweetheart, Mario just told me that Amercian Gangster really had an end with closure and all."

My suggestion was to go to the shop where he purchased his DVD and ask for a full functioning version as there was clearly a flaw in the DVD he’d bought. René told me that he had borrowed the DVD by a friend we have in common. This friend had downloaded the movie for free from the Internet via a Usenet server.

I guess there is no one out there who never had listened to music or watched a movie that was downloaded from the Internet. You maybe have experienced it by yourself that a movie borrowed from the Internet wasn’t complete.

My first reaction was that our friend didn’t download this movie for free as he had to pay $10,- a month for making use of the Usenet server. Let’s be realistic here, $10 a month is not free. OK, the guy had complete hard discs full of movies. More movies than he will ever be able to watch. It’s a kind of a sport. He is always happy to have movies or TV shows that are not even available in the Netherlands at the moment he downloaded them.

I don’t know about you but I don’t enjoy bootlegs. Watching a movie that just plays in theatres filmed from the screen with a lousy sound isn’t my kind of sport.

Our download friend said with a smile on his face that most people don’t even know how downloading stuff via Usenet works. Yes, this was one thing he seemed to be very proud of.

So here is how it works in a nutshell and this isn’t meant to encourage you to do this (I would never encourage you to do anything illegal):

Every file on the Usenet server is in fact a text file. No text files you could read by any means. No, if you open them you see weird character combinations. But if you download, combine and decode all the files needed for this particular movie with a special program you have the DVD files. Sometimes they are incomplete. This depends. Don’t ask me on what but it depends. So the result is an illegal downloaded movie and the quality isn’t guaranteed either.

Is this a hassle? Now, yes. And of course you have to keep in mind that you still have to pay for using this servers. So for 30 bucks you have 3 month to download whatever you want illegally.

Luckily the movie industry isn’t as ignorant as the music industry was when the download trend showed up years ago. So there had to come a way to download movies legally and it should have some important advantages for the one who downloads them. As there are:

  • No risk of spyware or viruses
  • The downloader owns the movie just as if he had purchased the DVD at the mall
  • The pricing is the same or lower than making use of the described servers
  • No need for installation of any software that slows down your computer in the long run by blowing up the registry
  • No chance to get sued. No trial. No enormous fines that could rip you off or even worse: prison time
  • No movies that end abrupt because someone missed a file to add
  • Fast download
  • Crisp HD quality and sound
  • Hassle free

Do the math one more time and see what kind of pricing the following two sites have to offer:

Movies Capital has the following three membership models:

  1. Platinium Unlimited
    For $39,95 you can download unlimited movies for 2 years.
  2. Gold 50 Movies
    You can download 50 movies for $34,95.
  3. Silver 25 Movies
    Download 25 movies for $29,95

Of course there are no hidden fees. For more details on their offers please visit the Movies Capital website.

Full Movies has the following membership models:

  1. Platinium
    For 5 years of unlimited download access you pay $39,95
  2. Gold
    This gives you 1 year of unlimited access for the price of $34,95
  3. Silver
    If you think you have downloaded enough movies withing 3 month you can go for this one for $29,95. This access is unlimited as well.

For the full details of their offer please visit the Full Movies website.

Have fun with your legal downloads and most of all with your movies.

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