Joining The Drawing Contest And The Newsletter Are Two Different Pieces Of Cake! 2

To let everything run smooth I want to answer a question I received from a reader of my newsletter regarding the drawing contest.

The question was: ‘Can’t you just move the readers from the newsletter to the list for the participants?’

Even though I understand that this would be convenient for some readers of my newsletter I’m aware that this would not apply to all of you. You would not like to receive messages for a list you did not explicitly subscribe to, would you. I’m very keen on my subscribers and don’t want to have them any annoying experiences. This is one of the reasons that in every newsletter sent there is a link to manage your subscriptions and unsubscribe if you feel the need to do so.

The same thing is true the other way around. Participants who are subscribing to the drawing contest will not automatically subscribe to the newsletter. The information you receive as a participant of the contest is solely dedicated to the contest and nothing more. Except one thing: you will be informed when another contest starts. That’s it.

So you see, subscribing to the newsletter and subscribing to the contest are two different things. Of course you are free and welcome to subscribe to both but I will never take this decision for you. That is why I can’t take away the effort to subscribe and confirming your subscription by yourself.

If you signed up for the newsletter, be it in the sidebar or in the occasional emerging pop-up window, but you wanted to subscribe for the drawing contest please use the link provided in the article or join the challenge by clicking here.

Thank you very much for understanding!

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