It’s Black Friday For All Comic Book Fans Worldwide 3

This Black Friday will be the first one I definitively dive into even though I’m living in the Netherlands. You see, when I thought about Balck Friday in the past (I didn’t even know about it before I my dear Brooklyn sister Ilaria teached me about some typical American things) I just thought about overcrowded shopping malls. Alas, I’m not in the States on Black Friday so I have to enjoy it from out my lazy chair in front of my computer. I’m sure you can feel my pain.

Thanks to Things From Another World my passion is not just covered but also more than affordable in a very crazy way. Let’s have a look at some of the overwhelming amount of offers they have this Black Friday.

When I discovered that my childhood here Spiderman is available for $1,- I immediately felt as if I’m beamed back into the past. When I was a boy a Spidey copy was something around the $2,- (at least here in Europe).

After I had a closer look at the page count (200!) I had to adjust my time warp feeling even more. No matter how you put it, this is near to nothing. It’s a give away.

At this point I understand why TFAW call’s this offer a doorbuster. It’s a 86% saving during this Black Friday weekend. There are a lot of $1,- doorbusters (I couldn’t find this word in my dictionary btw) and that means savings up to 97%. Spidy however is my favorite in this category.

In this issue A Brand New Day Peter Parker is returning to his roots what means that he’s desperately in need for money to pay the rent and has to face some misfortunes and annoying villains again. 

Manga action is found in the $5 doorbuster category. What popped in my eye here was Yasuhiro Nightow’s Anime Manga volume of Trigun.

Interesting fact here is that here are two mediums are melting together. All the artwork in this graphic novel is taken from the original frames of the TV animation show and enhanced with sound effects and dialogues from the teleplay.

This Black Friday you can add this to your collection and save 67% on the original price.

I always fall for graphic novels with attractive female characters in it. And if this goes hand in hand with a well written story line the fun of the experience is even better. So be it Sara Pazini from Witchblade or Anita Blake you’ll always find both reasons to fill your book shelf with their stories.

In the case of Anita Blade, Laurell. K. Hamilton (New York Times bestselling author) makes sure that stories packed with mystery, action and romance keep you at the point of your lazy chair.

I could go on for ever with this list of 60% savings that is 73(!) pages long. I suggest you do the same as I do at this very moment and grab another coffee whilst shopping around in your online comic book store on this Black Friday.

Especially on a blog like this it would be like Thanksgiving without a turkey or Christmas without a tree if I wouldn’t mention living legend Stan Lee.

Of course I don’t mention him just because the sake of it. No matter if you are an aspiring or experienced comic book artist, you will be glad to hear that you can lay your hand on a limited edition (yes, this means that it is signed by Stan Lee himself) of Stan Lee’s How To Draw Comics.

From producing concepts and character sketches to laying out the final page of art, the man with no peer – Stan Lee – is the ultimate guide to the world of creating comics. This Black Friday you save 15% on this limited edition. Click here for details.

I hope you have a lot of fun shopping with this Black Friday Weekend Sales over at Things From Another World. See you soon!

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3 thoughts on “It’s Black Friday For All Comic Book Fans Worldwide

  • joe

    Are you talking about black friday or cyber monday? Friday was a brick and mortar sale, but in the past 2 years the lines are beginning to blur. Merchants need 4 times to clear out old and promote new inventory, which coincide with the 2 equinoxes and the midpoints for the equinoxes, and the sales period needs to be longer.

    Start November off with a bang with Guy Fawkes day, featuring the now infamous V for Vendetta masks, explosives, and what’s needed to throw bonfire parties. We could always use one in May, the Red hot May Day sale featuring vodka, splintery toilet paper, and small bags of over-picked groceries. Humor aside we do need longer sales, and to extend a sale over a month needs several holidays.

    I got relatives that moved to New Amsterdam in the 1500s and were part of the Hanseatic League, so nothing’s sacred. End April with Queens Day featuring lots of alcohol, a clearance on Halloween goods, and gifts of wire cutters or urinal replicas called dikes for those with identity isssues. Another May holiday, Liberation Day features alcohol, World War II replicas, and “Germans will be shot on sight, no provacation or reason is necessary” signs.

    • Mario Post author

      Hi Joe,

      I’m surprised! Even though New York is my second home I didn’t know that they celebrate or even know Queens Day. I assume that we talk about the same Dutch Queens Day people (me excluded) celebrate over here in the Netherlands.
      Political incorrect as I can be I tend to find monarchy (especially the Dutch) kind of pathetic. And I’m not even talking about the tax money that is wasted for a family with a bunch of castle, large houses a.s.o. who just have some representative tasks.

  • joe

    They don’t, it’s only in San Francisco and it’s on a daily basis, but doesn’t have to do with a monarchy. The clearance for Halloween goods was a satire, the colors are orange and black. Money wise it’s probably cheaper in the long run compared to having elections every 4 years and if the incumbent isn’t reelected making significant policy changes (translate that to more money spent). Most of the leaders in each country since World War II, haven’t been exceptional. For elected officials that usually keeps them in office since they haven’t done anything to warrant attention usually in a negative manner.

    I think the government in the Netherlands is more effective compared to the US. The September 2001 incident prompted a bunch of changes that are proving highly ineffective, such as the TSA. Which gropes more children daily compared to estimated occurrences by sex offenders, and they get paid for it. Given Obama’s healthcare reform, I wouldn’t be surprised if the TSA doing mamograms, and pelvic and prostrate exams as a one-stop shop. “Touch the floor and avoid the urge to move away sir.” hehehe or better yet “We violate you so that no one else can.”

    In the early 90’s there was a hostage incident on a subway involving spice people that the dutch police were called in for. Their response was effective and I haven’t heard of any similar incidents terrorist or otherwise happening since.