How To Use The Vector Center Lines In Manga Studio 1

In this short tutorial video I answer the question asked by Andrew how to use the vector center lines in Manga Studio. In fact he didn’t ask how to but why for heaven sake should I use this option.

Here is a brief explanation:

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One thought on “How To Use The Vector Center Lines In Manga Studio

  • Nathan Sterken

    hello mario!

    thanks for the video! another awesome use for the center line is to turn it on and see where there are holes in it. close them. then, you can use the Magic Wand tool. In the magic wand tool options window, select the option “Select to Vector Center Line”. The selection will then be constrained to the perimeter of the vector center line. You can then also use your Fill tool. In the Fill Tool Options you can select “Paint to Vector Center Line” and it will paint up to the vectoer center line when you fill in your selection! This gets rid of those annoying little white pixels that can happen when using the fill tool.