Drawing Contest Participant #2: Nikki Yung 11

Guys, I’m so glad that I had this idea for the contest whilst walking my dog as it unleashed your creativity and I just love the results.

The second participant of our drawing contest is Nikki Yung. Nikki takes her chance to win a free copy of Manga Studio Debut 4 with a drawing in colored pencil.

Neutral as I am I hit the like-button for every participant and keep on the sideline with my comments.

Before I give the word to Nikki and we have a look at her drawing I want to encourage you to help her win the contest if you like her artwork. You can simply do this by hitting the Facebook-Like-Button at the top or bottom of this post. The participant with the most likes wins the contest that ends on November 26th.

Nikki about her drawing:
The floor and back walls are slanted mirrors. The glass bottles were interesting (and hard, haha) to draw. On the left, there is a random shiny ornament. This drawing is entirely in colored pencil. Before this, I had never drawn reflective things with colored pencil before, so this took about 2 weeks to do – and I’m happy how it turned out!
I would really love to win this contest because I wish for Manga Studio Debut! I will use it all the time! I have never used digital art software before, other than Paint, haha. I will make very good use of this software if I win! Because I want to be a manga author one day! Yay! :)

Thank you very much for participating, Nikki. I wish you luck!

If you like Nikki’s drawing and you want to support her please hit the Facebook-Like-Button on top or bottom of this post.

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