Drawing Contest Participant #1: Meryll Cruz 15

The first participant of our drawing contest is Meryll Cruz. Meryll takes her chance to win a free copy of Manga Studio Debut 4 by giving us back the feeling of last summer. A very nice thing to do at the start of this cold season.

Before I give the word to Meryll and we have a look at her drawing I want to encourage you to help her win the contest if you like her artwork. You can simply do this by hitting the Facebook-Like-Button at the top or bottom of this post. The participant with the most likes wins the contest that ends on November 26th.

Meryll about her drawing:
In this piece, it is a park in a summer time. I named this "Strolling Season" because of how the seasons pass by in front of us like people walking leisurely in the park.
It is also my first time to join an online drawing contest. I’ve been participating in drawing, mural painting and poster making contests in the past. So, this really excites me.
I knew about drawing digitally just recently that’s why I feel like I’m just starting to learn to draw again (although I’ve been drawing ever since I was 7 years old).

Thank you very much for participating, Meryll. I wish you luck!

If you like Meryll’s drawing and you want to support her please hit the Facebook-Like-Button on top or bottom of this post.

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15 thoughts on “Drawing Contest Participant #1: Meryll Cruz

  • Brenda

    I believe Manga Studio would be a wonderful medium for digitally rendering pictures like this one. Using custom brushes, you could probably create some great effects for your trees and flowers. Do I get the feeling you would make awesome background scenes? (I just use 3D models to render a background if I want one… I am a very lazy artist!)

    • Meryll

      Thanks! Many people say Photoshop is better but I still want to have Manga Studio because there are some stuff in Manga Studio that Photoshop doesn’t have.
      Honestly, I am lazy too and impatient. :))
      I couldn’t really work on something for days. Usually I finish them up in just one sitting (because I’m too impatient)…

  • Nikki Yung

    Hey Meryll,
    I like your drawing. This is a very well-done landscape scene. Especially the green trees in the back… I like those. Is this pastel? For the past week and a half, I’ve been thinking that you’d win this contest… and I also wanted to win… so this contest has been getting intense, lol. But now that I’ve read your comment about my piece, and your reply above this comment, I think I wouldn’t mind if you won. You’re a good artist and I wish us all luck. This contest has been fun. Now… we’ll find out the results at the end of this week! :)

    • Meryll

      Wow, thanks! You’re very talented too! :)
      Yup, this is oil pastel. I love using them. :) I used to sketch using my coloured pencils a lot but I wanted to try other media as well…
      Yah, I think we were just thinking the same way. haha! And it’s quite tiring asking (and a bit of begging. haha!) friends to “Like” the post. It was fun though. (There was even one time when my newsfeed was full of this stuff. LOL) :D The upcoming results make me nervous and excited at the same time. :-S Thanks again! And good luck! :D

      • Nikki Yung

        Hi Meryll,
        Nice, oil pastels… :) Haha I’m terrible with oil and chalk pastels. They’re hard to work with, so good job! Hehe :)
        Yeah, colored pencils are neat. I like using those.
        Haha, I did that too! Asking random friends to “like” the post! Lol. “Tiring” – omg I know. Lol. But I’m glad we both had fun! :)
        I think you’re going to win. As of now you have 354 and I have 301.
        Well done, Meryll. :)
        P.S. Want to be Facebook friends? Hehe that would be cool since this competition began with Facebook-likes and now will end on there too. :) Here’s my page:

        • Meryll

          Hello! :)
          Thanks! Yah, I agree. They can be really hard to work with but once you get used to pastels, they’re actually fun to work with. :D
          I think I spent half an hour tagging ALL of my friends and I had to make six different notes coz I could only tag 30 people in each note. LOL! :)))) Actually, I was keeping track of my votes and yours ‘coz they were really really close. That really scared me the entire time of the contest. Haha! :))) But I think you’d won this contest if it was judged according to the quality. :)

          Yah sure! I’ll look for you in Facebook. :) That’s really nice of you. :)

          • Nikki Yung

            Haha, okay, I shall try to learn how to use pastels, lol. :)
            Wow, I was nervous a lot of the time, too! Lol. I just sent messages to 10 people at a time. Haha last week I kept thinking, wow, so many people like your drawing so quickly! Lol.
            Omg thanks!!! I love your drawing too. But I guess we can’t really compare the drawings, because they’re different subjects (yours = park landscape, mine = objects) and different mediums (yours = pastel, mine = colored pencil). And your drawing has warm fuzzy happy feelings! Summertime in parks are amazing! :)
            I’m going to Facebook-like your drawing now.

            • Meryll

              Haha! Me too! I was always checking the no. of votes then yours just gets more quickly than I do so it made me think “Geeez, she must be really friendly!” Haha! (it’s really true though)
              Hm, fair enough. (That’s probably why most drawing contests have themes and rules to follow) Ooh. Thanks! I was thinking of doing that too but I was having second thoughts. Haha! ‘Kay, I’ll do the same now! :D

              • Nikki

                Lol thanks! :)
                And…congratulations on winning!!! :D
                Hehe. It’s been an awesome and fun contest.
                Be sure to post drawings you do with Manga Studio on Facebook!! :) Haha.

  • Meryll

    Thanks Nikki! :D I really had a great time!
    Yes, I am planning to record and upload the videos of my work using Manga Studio once I got it. :) I’ll upload them in my channel in Youtube and DeviantArt. :D I’m really excited! :D