Draw What You Like And Win Your Copy Of Manga Studio Debut! 11

You will love this spontaneous action. Especially if you like to draw and you want to have a copy of Manga Studio this is good news. But also if you already own Manga Studio you want to read on.

Smith Micro and Mario Live! are teaming up for the first contest on this blog.

Here’s the short background story: I was walking my dog Daisy when I was thinking about how to say thank you to all my loyal readers and boost their creativity at the same time? The answer: a drawing contest on Mario Live!

As you know I love to make tutorials for Manga Studio so what would be a better price for the winner of the contest to have a free copy of this great program. When I explained the idea to Smith Micro the vendor of Manga Studio the immediate reaction was: OK, we’re in!

So let’s get started! Here follows what it is all about and how it works:

When does the contest start and when will it end?

The contest starts right away. As soon as this article is published. The deadline for you to send me your artwork is Friday November the 26th at midnight. On Saturday November the 27th at noon (Dutch time as I still live in the Netherlands) the counting of the likes will take place. I really hope that it keeps me busy for a couple of hours.

You can already sign up for the contest by clicking here but please make sure to read the whole post.

What do I have to draw?

You can draw whatever you are passionate about, whatever you like. I come to some obvious restrictions later. No matter if you like portrait drawing, cars, Manga babes or even chicken on a roller coaster, send in your drawing!

Do I have to draw digitally or can I use pencil and paper?

Every drawing is welcome, no matter if you drew it on your computer or with pencil on paper. If it’s the latter please make sure to scan it and send the image in digital format to the e-mail address provided once you signed up for the contest.

What happens once I’ve sent in my drawing?

After I receive your drawing I will create a post with your artwork in it and people will be able to vote on it via the Facebook-like-button in the post.

Who is the jury and how is the winner determined?

Every visitor is part of the jury. In every post is a Facebook-Like-Button. The post and thus the drawing with the most likes at the end of the challenge is the winner of the competition.

Btw: I will like every single drawing of every participant.

Can I mobilize my friends and followers to support me?

Of course you can. You can stumble, tweet and share the link to your drawing and share it with everybody. Keep in mind that the likes in the post are the only one that count for determining the winner.

To support everyone of you I will stumble and tweet the drawing of every participant.

I already own a copy of Manga Studio Debut. What’s in it for me?

One of my first concerns was exactly this and it was my first question to Smith Micro. The answer was: We’ll cross that bridge once we get there. So I can assure you that Smith Micro and I come up with a solution that is worth your participation.

Are there any restrictions regarding the content of the drawing I participating with?

Even though most of the visitors of this blog are adults you and I have to agree that it wouldn’t be appropriate to publish any X-rated drawings. Don’t get me wrong at this, your work may have some erotic in it but it may not be pornographic. Before I forget, it also may not content racism, hate or any religious stuff. In simple words: no porn, no hate, no pope.

Is there some boring legal stuff?

Yes it is, so let me bore you: you are responsible that your drawing doesn’t infringe with copyrights of others. You allow that your drawing is published on Mario-Live.com and stays there forever. Votes (likes) for your drawing made after the end of the contest will not count and it’s not possible to discuss the result of the competition in any way.

OK, I’m in! How do I participate?

Just sign in to the participant list, confirm your subscription and you will receive your instructions how to send in your drawing and you will be updated during the challenge.

Click here to participate!

Thank you very much for participating and have fun drawing! I can’t wait to see your artwork.

Make sure to read this article as well as it’s answers an important question.

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11 thoughts on “Draw What You Like And Win Your Copy Of Manga Studio Debut!

  • Meryll

    Hi Mr. Mario :)

    I have a question. Can I submit more than one entry for this contest? Coz I’m not sure with the first one I drew (I don’t like it) but I still want to enter it, just to take a chance. :)

    And also, where can I find the page for this contest in Facebook?


    • Mario Post author

      Hi Meryll,

      You can participate with just one drawing. If you are not sure what drawing to use for the contest you can send me both and I will have a look at them together with some friends.
      After this I can give you an advice what drawing to choose to participate. After you sign up for the contest you will receive a message with the information how to send in your drawing.
      Please note that signing up for the newsletter is something different than signing up for the contest. I just checked this and saw that you signed up for the newsletter what is very adorable of course.
      But for the challenge you need to use the link provided in the post above to fill in the form for the contest participation or clicking here to get there.

      There is no Facebook page for the contest. The counters beside the Facebook buttons in the article with your drawing will be the source to determine the winner.

      I hope this helps!

      Thank you for participating.

  • Meryll

    Thanks for answering my questions. :)
    (I asked some of my friends which piece I should enter for this contest. I just thought maybe it would be unfair for the other contestants if I asked for your advice since you’re one of the hosts of this contest. But I really appreciate your offer. It’s so nice of you. :) )
    So, yah, I already signed up for the contest! :D

    • Meryll

      I have another question (I’m sorry for asking too many questions)
      Is it okay to use oil pastel for this drawing contest instead of just using pencil?

    • Mario Post author

      Hi Meryll,

      Your solution for taking a decision is much better than mine :-)

      It is totally OK to use every kind of color you want. I count painting as drawing.

      The most important thing here is your creativity rather than a definition of what is drawing.

  • sheki

    hey mario., just read that there was a contest, and i’ve been trying to join, and stuff., i signed up for something, followed a link and it only directs me to a page, where there’s nothing but the same old thing?? i am pretty lost., could you provide me a link where i can submit my entry? am really sorry for the trouble

    • Mario Post author

      Hi Sheki,

      Don’t be sorry. I’m here to help. I just checked that you signed up here. So that’s OK.
      I’ll contact you in a minute with a personal e-mail.

      I look forward to see your artwork!

  • Jason

    I have the same problem as the previous comment. I just keep getting a loop to sign up, but no directions on how to enter the contest. Looking forward to entering.

    • Mario Post author

      Hello Jason,

      In the meantime you signed up and all is well now. I’m curious about that loop.
      It should work in this order:
      1. You sign up.
      2. You receive a message from Aweber to confirm your subscription.
      3. You receive a message that welcomes you and gives you the instructions how to send in your artwork.