The End Is Nigh: Marvel’s Chaos War! 5

Who else should should Marvel’s greatest heroes follow if not Hercules, god of the superheroes from the old ancient Greek mythology?

Crossovers are hot and they are not restricted to the CSI Team from Las Vegas introducing the New York team, what led us finally to the team of Miami what was introduced by the New Yorkers.

No, crossovers are hot in every genre, also in the comic world. Think of the crossover from Witchblade to The Darkness for example.

Hercules is leading Marvel’s greatest heroes against a mad god who seeks to destroy reality itself. The Chaos King has amassed his army of alien slave gods, and he’s launching an attack on Earth! Can Hercules stand against the Marvel Universe’s greatest threat?

It will be a challenge for this Chaos King as his opponents are X-Men, Thor, Dead Avengers and it doesn’t stops here.

Lay your hands on all of this adventures by clicking here.

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5 thoughts on “The End Is Nigh: Marvel’s Chaos War!

  • Piledriver

    Hrm… :/ Are you actually able to keep up with all that?

    Maybe I’m odd that I don’t like crossovers. Especially the ones that involve many different titles. They confuse me and want to take all my money…

    • Mario Post author

      It’s not easy to catch up with everything and if I would try I think that I wouldn’t have the time to do something else.

      Sometimes I wonder who started this crossover trend and seen the comments you gave on other topics I wouldn’t be surprised if you know more about that ;-)

      • Piledriver

        That is hard to pin down. DC’s old annual JSA/JLA crossovers from the 60s and 70s, maybe? Guest appearances happened before that, though.

        When it comes to the big events with all the continuity hashing, I suppose Roy Thomas was probably had a big part in it. He worked as Editor for both Marvel and DC in turn back in the 70s and early 80s, and being both a golden age ‘fan’ and a history scholar a lot of his efforts involved sorting out the history of the superheroes, culminating with the first DC “Crisis on Infinite Earths.”

        DC’s Crisis and Marvel’s Secret Wars (both happening in the mid 1980s) were probably the first time that a single crossover story affected all the major titles of a company.

        I could be wrong.

        • Piledriver

          I was a big Roy Thomas fan when I was a tyke, by the way. I’d even cite his work as an example of how to write smart stories that are still accessible to young children. So I am not at all trying to paint him as a bad guy.

          It was more the road to hell being paved with good intentions…