Switching Between Pages Within A Story In Manga Studio 2

When you work on a story in Manga Studio that consists more than one page the chance is big that you are annoyed by switching back and forward between the story tab and the page tab.

What you want is a combination of both tabs. As I received questions about this, I learned that it’s not obvious for everybody that this possibility already exists in your favorite Comic creation software. For this reason I made this little video to show you how you can use this little arrow you probably have overlooked.

You still need to save or discard the changes you made to a page before switching to another.

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2 thoughts on “Switching Between Pages Within A Story In Manga Studio

  • ZuzannaM

    Hello Mario,

    Details how to use multiple pages are of importance
    because those safe a lot of time when one does the drawing.

    Thank you for the educational video,

    • Mario Post author

      Hello Zuzanna,

      What I didn’t mention in this video is that it’s also very helpful if you need a former page as a reference. You just have to open the page list and you can see what you are looking for whilst working on the current page.