Manga Studio Ruler Tutorial – Part 16 2

This part of the series is a little bit longer as you may used to, but even though it’s a short one and you have to experiment a little by yourself. I’m sure you will love the possibilities the symmetry rulers in Manga Studio give you and that you already have plenty of situations where you want to use them.

As time is an issue in this videos and I could not show you all of the different symmetry rulers in Manga Studio EX, make sure that you try out all of them, as there are:

  1. Line Symmetry Ruler – This ruler is the center of your drawing and allows you to draw things simultaneously like to sides of a face as shown in the video above.
  2. 2-axis Symmetry Ruler – Here you are centering around 2 rulers and you can draw simultaneously.
  3. 2-point Symmetry Ruler – Draw in 2 places at the same time by centering on this ruler.
  4. 3-point Symmetry Ruler – 2 places are not enough? Then draw in 3 places at the same time! And of course the list goes on.
  5. 4-point Symmetry Ruler
  6. 5-point Symmetry Ruler
  7. 6-point Symmetry Ruler
  8. 8-point Symmetry Ruler
  9. 12-point Symmetry Ruler

If you don’t already use Manga Studio, you should give it a try. You can always start with the Debut version and you can easily upgrade to EX later without any hassle or waste of your hard earned money. Buy your copy today by clicking here.

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