How To Draw And Paint With Tones In Manga Studio

Professional illustrator Robert Leija challenged me on Twitter with the question if it is possible to use a texture brush in Manga Studio just like in Photoshop. In the first instance I thought I had to dive deep into Photoshop to answer this question, but after fiddling around for a while with my favorite drawing software I came up with this video tutorial that I just produced this night (I can’t sleep with to many ideas in my head). Enjoy!

Drawing and painting with tones in Manga Studio is not exactly the same as doing this with a texture brush in Photoshop but it comes quite near. Besides this I can nearly guarantee that playing around with this possibility will wake the sleeping creativity dog in you as you will have new ideas of how to use it for certain purposes in your own artwork.

As you can see in the video I found a little flaw in Manga Studio but as always (or at least most of the time) I provide you a little work around for this.

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