Manga Studio Ruler Tutorial – Part 1 2

To less people make actually use of one of the coolest features in Manga Studio: the ruler layers. The reason for this is the learning curve. For me reason enough to do my very best to lower yours!

Probably you leave out this great tools altogether because of the complexity of it. I think explaining it in little chunks will make it much easier and will convince you to give it a shot whilst creating your artwork.

First off you have to know that there are different kind of rulers. Just as in the good old real world drawing they have the purpose of placing them on the paper (digitally paper in this case) and drawing lines along them. Some of course are more special and complex.

Anyway, this are the available rulers:

  • Free Ruler (Manga Studio Debut and EX)
  • Bezier Ruler (Manga Studio EX only)
  • Special Ruler (Manga Studio EX only)
  • Summitry Ruler (Manga Studio EX only)

The basic facts are that every layer is created on a so called ruler layer.

If you have a look at the layer panel in Manga Studio you will see the section Ruler. A ruler you create here will work with many layers what is an obvious advantage. The disadvantage of this is that if you move the artwork on one of those layers the ruler layer will not automatically adjust.

The second type of rulers are the sub-ruler-layers. In fact they are created with every layer you create, you just have to make them visible like I describe in the video above.

The advantage and disadvantages of the sub-ruler layers are the opposite of the ruler layer for the whole page. They work just with the particular layer they are created with but they update automatically if the artwork on the layer is moved.

The graphic in the background at the end of the video is by the way the Detroit Skyline that is part of the first panel of the openings scene of my graphic novel Wallstreet Hijack. (Not yet finished at the time of writing this). You will already recognize that there are a lot of rulers used.

Now you have the very basic I’m heading to my desk and create the second part as fast as I possibly can.

If you find this useful and/or you have friends who need this information please share it with them.

Have a great day!

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2 thoughts on “Manga Studio Ruler Tutorial – Part 1

  • Nathan Sterken

    great video, Mario. It is so wonderful to finally find someone with a website pertaining to manga studio. I have EX4 and i love it! its awesome! ive used it for 2 yrs + now and learn new things every day. the only bad thing about it is learning all the different things it can do, it takes a lot of time! but it is well worth since it is such a powerful tool for creating comics and manga! thank you Mario! plez keep up the great vids! where can i buy your comics?