Investigations In New York For Graphic Novel Projects 6

First of all I want to apologize for the mess in the background of the video above. I didn’t took the time to clean up the scene.

It’s pretty overwhelming when you enter a comic book store in New York.

I know there are many more of them then I discovered, but digging through the great artwork at Forbidden Planet and Midtown Comics kept me very busy. I went back to both stores at least three times until I finally could make some buying decisions.

We had a comic book store in my city as well. They also had plenty of different stuff but in one way or the other there was not much interest in it and it finally closed its doors.

Anyway, I’m glad that I finally took my decision to create my own graphic novels in western style. This was something that was holding me back from start working on them as I mentioned during my barber session. This wasn’t part of the barber talk videos by the way as the background noises were too disturbing.

The main reason is that the novels I wrote are playing in the USA and I find the western style more mature in the end. Though they are fiction they have nothing to do with fantasy or Si-Fi. Of course I know that Manga isn’t a synonym for one of this genres but many Mangas are one of the two.

As mentioned in the video I really love the Witchblade series what is the inspiration for the anime series. Yes, you can put this in one of the both genres. Witchblade is very beautiful drawn and very good written. Even the more mature reader will enjoy it just like a compelling TV-show.

Have a great day!

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6 thoughts on “Investigations In New York For Graphic Novel Projects

  • ZuzannaM

    Hello Mario,

    This was quite an experience there.
    I am glad you have accomplished your mission.
    And you also did a great purchases for the drawing.
    Loved the video, and I love the new you…;)

    Thank you for sharing,

  • joe

    If you wanted a non-superhero graphic novel, the best bet would have been to look on the spline for non DC and Marvel pubs. The majority of what has a DC or Marvel label is going to be man in tights. Mesmo Delivery now in reprint by Dark Horse might be what you were looking. It was done as 1 volume only. The following link for a look inside is for the original, not the reprint. Riding Shotgun, it may be a TokyoPop label, but looks western, they put it online besides selling it,

    When you were asking why they made the spiderman novel you got look cartoonish, can you be more specific. Were you talking about page layout, color, content inside a panel, etc.

    Regarding the smaller-sized comic that you said had type too small, it like it had too many balloons per page, and those balloons were drawn in other panels.

    • Mario Post author

      Hi Joe,

      Thank you very much for the information. They look interesting!

      What I meant with the cartoonish style in my Spiderman book I meant Spidy himself. I saw books where he was drawn the old fashioned way with a more realistic anatomy and I saw the one I bought. He looks more exaggerated and the the eyes on his mask are bigger.

      Maybe I better can post some images to describe what I mean in more detail.

  • joe

    Sounds like it’s related to superheros with a manga makeover. I heard that both west and east have been adapting from each other. As usual, the east was faster to adapt from the west.

    DC announced a makeover of wonderwoman, that made made the news last week on yahoo. A lot of people posting comments were upset. The fanboys is a topic of it’s own, but comments made were predictable, such as “I’m going to get my friends to stop buying”. They don’t realize the bust from the 90’s comic speculation caused changes in distribution, and effects only the stores. Too bad they don’t get it that comics are part of the entertainment industry, and they are just customers.

    The same people forgot how the other characters changed. The original batmobile was a 1939 car, and he used guns. Character design began to change when the western comics switched from using newprint to coated stock, and started using digital workflow and artwork.

  • joe

    I forgot 2 recent events in the comic industry, relevant to the change in artwork. Kick-Ass and Jonas Hex. Hex has gotten a makeover in the motion comics. Both look less western (sorry this wasn’t an intended pun).