How To Import Text In Manga Studio

The feature of importing text into Manga Studio (EX only) is much more mind blowing than you would think in the first instance.

First lets have a look at the easy steps I showed you in the video above:


  1. Create a text file in notepad. Every time you want to have your part of the dialogue on another text-layer and thus within another text balloon, you just have to leave a blank line between them..
  2. Go to Manga Studio
  3. On your page click on Edit –> Import –> Text file and your dialog will appear in the upper left or right corner of the page.
  4. Every part of the dialogue has a own text layer now and you can draw the text on the place on your page where it should appear.
  5. Easily click on the right icon on your text layer to choose the text properties.
  6. Then click on the text balloon dialog button and click create text balloon.

Your done! To see this in action watch the video above.

The amazing thing is that this way you can have your comic books translated into  different languages without sending your huge graphic files. Text files are much easier to share and are easy to work on for your interpreter (sorry that I said translator in the video).

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