Comic Book Panels – Don’t Confuse Your Readers 1

As you can see in today’s video also professionals can confuse you from time to time with the way they organize their panels on a page.

A good organized panel structure on your page hasn’t to be boring.

No matter how you decide to organize it, how emphasize certain panels or giving your story a certain rhythm, it should never confuse your reader.

The results could be

  • Frustrated readers who stop reading your work altogether
  • Undesired turns in your story line.

This are two of the side effects flaws in organizing your comic book page could have. It’s on you to decide which one is worse.

Fact is that they easily avoidable by thinking about the structure or your page layout before you start drawing. This will also prevent you from loss of good artwork. In the end, what do you have if you drew an awesome page nobody understands or frustrates people?

I come back on this topic very soon.

Have fun paneling and organizing your comic book pages.

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One thought on “Comic Book Panels – Don’t Confuse Your Readers

  • ZuzannaM

    Hello Mario,

    I am not a Comic Book reader but if have one I would perhaps look into it just by curiosity. You have made great points in your video presentation. How you look at the columns to read the Comic Books perfectly all right.
    Great pointers!

    Thank you,