Barber Talk On CSI And Horacio Cane 10

In this episode of the barber talk I explain why I didn’t succeed in becoming a CSI corps and why people (in my opinion) love the David Caruso’s character Horacio Cane in CSI Miami.

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10 thoughts on “Barber Talk On CSI And Horacio Cane

  • ZuzannaM

    Hello Mario,

    I think you had an enjoyable hair cut session
    and a pleasant conversation along the way.
    Wwatching from here, thought I like to see the final
    with your stylish hair but you did not sport that in the video…:))


    • Mario Post author

      Hi Zuzanna,

      I really had. Jessica was wonderful and the whole session took an hour. I just had to cut the barber talk in pieces as the footage was more than 40 minutes. Alas, not every scene had audio without too many disturbing noises from the background.


  • Ulrich

    Hi Mario,

    I like your “Barber Talk” Videos :-D Especially this one made me laugh when you were talking about Horatio Cane. And you are right in every aspect. One of the reasons I like CSI:Miami is Horatio Cane.


    • Mario Post author

      Hi Ulrich,

      Great to hear from you! Yes, Horacio has that little something that separates the man from the boy. What I have as well (smirk).
      By the way I hope you know the original version as well besides the German dubbed version. Otherwise you have to take a look at his one-liner video on Youtube.


      • Ulrich

        I must admit that I have only seen the dubbed version so far. When I am thinking about this at the moment, I am wondering why TV stations do not provide a second audio track.

          • Ulrich

            Yeah it’s cooler and his voice is also deeper in the original version, but they did a pretty good job in the German one, too. The voice is different, but it nearly has the same character.

            • Mario Post author

              I have to admit that I liked the German dubbed voice for Robert DeNiro. Once you are used to just watch movies and series with the original soundtrack you don’t want the dubbed versions anymore.

              • Ulrich

                Yes, Robert DeNiro’s voice is really good, I do not know the original voice, though.
                In the past, when I bought a movie on DVD, I always selected the German audio track, because it was easier to understand. But a few months ago, I thought it would be better to select the original one. Not only because it contains the real voices, but also because I could improve my English skills a bit.
                Now I am watching DVD’s in English, sometimes with English subtitles and I have to say that I do not miss the dubbed version.

  • Mario Post author


    It’s absolutely true that your English skills improve when you watch movies with the original soundtrack. If you turn of the subtitles it’s even better, while English subtitles are very helpful if you missed something.

    The funny thing with subtitles is that I read them even if the movie is in a language I speak and understand on a native level. Just because they are there.