Barber Talk On The Axe Effect 5

According to the promotion of the Axe deodorant and shampoo combined with conditioner I should be irresistible like chocolate. After two days of using it my cheek still hadn’t been licked by anybody.

Wouldn’t this be a reason to sue Axe and claim a huge amount of money for the emotional damage?

A little more barber talk.

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5 thoughts on “Barber Talk On The Axe Effect

      • joe

        I think you fell prey to Madison Avenue.

        Lizzie Borden and Carrie Nations on the other hand made first page news on every major American newspaper. If you were the focus of either of these two, you would be reported in the paper as having to fight her off.

  • ZuzannaM

    Hello Mario,

    This was great presentation!
    So when someone was to lick your face…Just curious:)
    The whole discussion was hilarious!

    BTW: You looking handsome with the shorter hair.

    Thank you,