How User Requests Became ‘Draw Your Manga Babe The Fun, Quick And Easy Way’ 2

It was a nice coincidence when I got two question a while ago.

The first one was asked by my girlfriend who was curious if it wasn’t confusing for my blog readers that I decided to implement my passion for drawing and art in my blog. In the end the blog was more about people and the human mind set as far as she could remember.

I told her that this two topics were matching wonderful with comic art and drawing. When she frowned I said that all artist are people (sometimes I like to think that the other way around is true as well) and that it all has to do with the human mind. Think about it when you write a plot for your graphic novel or when you draw a panel that urges the reader to go ahead to the next page.

What’s also in the human mind is the procrastination monster. I don’t have to tell you that it holds people back from actually doing something they always wanted to do.

Around the same time I was contacted by some of my dear blog readers asking for tutorials on drawing Manga babes. I did some research and replied that there are many tutorials out there and plenty of books available. I already wrote an article about this and made a video.

Almost every reaction said somewhere the same thing: I know, I have a couple of this books on the shelf but in one way or the other I can’t come into action and start doing it.

This was very interesting and I thought that there must be a reason and I decided to find out what this was. What made them going through all the pages and then let them decide to put the books back on the shelf? Why didn’t they start drawing?

The complains of those who just started their drawing adventures told me that seeing all these beautiful drawings killed their motivation. This was because they had doubts of being able to reach that level.

In other words they where a little overwhelmed. (Really something for the human mind topic, isn’t it?).

Those who were drawing for some time told me that they had difficulties to get everything in balance. At the first glance everything were looking well but at a second glance there were some flaws where they couldn’t put a finger on. The result just didn’t look right. It didn’t work.

It took another while and some more research on my part to find out what was going on. What I did was studying the materials where I know that they are good. Whilst doing this I had one question in mind: what is it that let people stop come to action before they begun?

The answer came when I lay in my bed one night: they are not involved.

Most of this books didn’t involve the readers in the creative process. They are good and motivating in my eyes, no doubt about that. But there is a certain breed of people that need to be involved from the first moment to keep them interested. Aren’t we all of this breed sometimes?

This reminded me on my old school days when a teacher was explaining something in front of the class and lost attention from the whole group because he just didn’t involve anybody by stimulating our brains. We got dull.

What they wanted was a line by line tutorial where every single step is explained in detail so that they could follow it right from the spot. This would be motivating.

Other than the tutorials I already posted on this blog this would be a project that would be out of the scope of this blog. The material would be too large for a blog post, needed to many images and would be certainly too long for a video on Youtube.

My answer was that I have to disappoint them because of the reason mentioned. But a message from Darren changed my mind: Just write an eBook!

As a writer (I wrote two novels as you maybe know) I found this challenging but I never had a deeper thought about publishing this way before. Nor did I ever wrote non-fiction except for this blog.

Besides this, I had this horror visions of this long sales pages. You know them from all this get-rich-yesterday-with-your-laptop-whilst-sitting-on-the-toilet. Yellow marks all over the place and celebrities we never heard of before. What of course is our fault not theirs.

You see, here’s again the human mind topic as I was afraid for hype.

Once I got over this horror visions and as it is still possible (even on-line) to write some un-hyped product information I started with my eBook adventure.

The result is that it is an eBook that involves you into the drawing process right from the start. It makes no sense at all to purchase it if you are not willing to start drawing with me. There are no countless Manga babes overwhelming you, where the how-to-draw part is just briefly explained.

No, it’s just one Manga babe and it will form the basis for your future Manga babe drawings. I explain every step I took to draw it with more than 200 images. Let’s be real at this point, this would’ve been a very long blog post.

In the end you will have finally drawn your Manga babe and I’m sure you will feel the urge to draw more of them.

I don’t bribe you with countless additional stuff and I don’t put prices with red crosses through them before the original price appears. I’m straight to the point that this eBook has a price of $9,98 and that it is not a product that will make you money.

You can go to the product page of Draw Your Manga Babe The Fun, Quick And Easy Way and have a look at the nice teaser video I made for it.

You can also purchase it right here:
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Oh yes, one more thing: as I am not a native English speaker I’m very glad that I found a native speaker who was willing to do some editing work on it.

I hope you have fun drawing!

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2 thoughts on “How User Requests Became ‘Draw Your Manga Babe The Fun, Quick And Easy Way’

  • ZuzannaM

    Hello Mario,

    Nice written post that says honestly what motivated you to draw, and how you began to see the need for others. How to have an understanding and easy steps to follow to become a Anime artist. Well, I think you already succeeded with your goal having this e Book published…Congratulations!!

    Thank you,

    • Mario Post author

      Hello Zuzanna,

      It was fun to produce this course and in some way it motivates me to motivates others to actually do it.
      Thank you very much for your congratulations.

      Have a beautiful day!