Oil Spill: No Time For Blaming – The Leak Isn’t Taking A Break 2

If you prefer reading here is the transcript (yes, I used a script this time):

After I posted my call to join me at the barber I received an e-mail with this video where the people of the Matter Of Trust organization demonstrate how powerful your hair is in order to absorb oil.

I can imagine that some of you think that my call to action is kind of childish, but weren’t it people with that grown up mindset who caused this disaster in the first place? As this is the case I have no problem with acting childish at all!

Don’t get me wrong at this! Now is not the time of blaming and finger pointing at others. It’s the time to do something.

Though it’s important to prevent this from happening in the future it’s much more important to deliver your part to the puzzle that can bring the solution right now.

This isn’t just an American or Mexican problem. Living thousand of miles away from the disaster area it would be easy for me to declare it a ‘far-from-my-bed-show’. But it isn’t.

At this very moment tons and tons of oil are spilling in the ocean and this leak isn’t taking a break while we eat, sleep, watching tv or while we blame the parties in charge or while I’m talking to you.

It’s our planet we are talking about. The Internet made this world a little smaller as we can interact and communicate with each other like we never could before.

Let’s come together even closer, let’s do what we can do!

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