Is Manga Studio Good For Setting Up A Whole Book? 2

Diane asked me if Manga Studio is good for setting up a whole book. I have a few words on this in the video below.

Of course it is important to have a good communication with the company that is going to print your artwork.

No matter if you are publishing a graphic or a normal novel, you always have to reckon with the thickness of the paper and other aspects. Your contact person at the printer will tell you precisely how thick the book will be and thus how wide you have to design the spine of your book.

Once you have all the data you need you can start designing your cover.

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2 thoughts on “Is Manga Studio Good For Setting Up A Whole Book?

  • ZuzannaM

    Hello Mario!

    Sounds easy, but one has to have a good publisher
    to be willing to do a good job in printing the book.
    Thank you for the information on the publishing,
    and the details that go with it!


    • Mario Post author

      Hello Zuzanna,

      If one has a publisher she doesn’t have to bother with those things in fact. In the case of self publishing this would be one of her tasks to get the job done properly.

      Have a nice and sunny day!