Manga Studio Basics – Part 18: The Burn Tool 4

The burn tool in Manga Studio is basically used to add shadows to your artwork. This is very obvious but nonetheless there is a hurdle some users experience and they just can’t lay a finger on it. I do it in this video whilst showing you the most common mistake that is made with the burn tool. The solution is pretty easy and shows how important it is to make a selection first. If you want to know more about the cool selection features you can read this article where I explain it step by step.

Up to the video and let’s avoid this common mistake:

Hope you have a great day drawing!

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4 thoughts on “Manga Studio Basics – Part 18: The Burn Tool

  • ZuzannaM

    Hi Mario!

    Thank you for the lovely Manga Studio lessons.
    Your explanation is very helpful.
    I might start drawing soon…Smiles:))

    You are doing great!

    • Mario Post author

      Hi Zuzanna,

      Great to hear that you are into drawing soon :-)
      Be prepared for my eBook.
      It has a very little delay due to my little efforts regarding the oil spill.

      Thanks again for all your encouragement and all you do!

  • Vision

    Hi Mario,

    i’ve got a little problem with my Burn tool. I can select it change the properties etc. but for some reason i can’t use it. As soon as i draw the mouse out of the tools window into the page the mouse will change into some kind of no parking sign. Up to now i haven’t got rid of that and thought perhaps you could know what the problem is.


    • Mario Post author

      Hi Vision,

      Yes I do. The reason for the no-parking-sign is that you have selected a layer other than this 2 types:

      Raster Layer (8 or 32 bit)
      Selection Layer (8 bit)

      The burn tool will not work on a Vector Layer for example.