Manga Studio Basics – Part 17: The Color Blend Tool 13

Depending on how you prefer to draw the shadows in your drawing you can use the color blend tool to smoothen things up. If you for example decide to work with just two skin colors to give depth to your drawing, you can easily use the color blend tool in Manga Studio to make it look more smooth.

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13 thoughts on “Manga Studio Basics – Part 17: The Color Blend Tool

  • rinzuno

    I have the same window open on mine, but the blend tool still isn’t there.
    there is just rectangle, lasso, magic wand, object selector, select layer, create panel, ruler cutter, move layer, pen, pencil, magic marker, eraser, fill pattern brush, join line, text, line, ellipse, hand and zoom.
    Do you know why its not there or how I can get it?

  • PockyCrumbs

    I have just purchased EX and am having trouble working out these tools. When I select burn, dodge, colour blend etc. my icon appears as a little red circle with a line through it (rather than a finger) and I am unable to use the tools at all. I don’t understand what I need to do to make the tools work, whether I need to be on a certain layer or have an area selected or what?

      • PockyCrumbs

        Hi, thanks for your quick reply! I’ve been looking through a few of your videos for the answers but obviously you have a lot and I’m not sure when you might mention something like this, particularly as its not mentioned on the relevant tool videos. I simply need to know what circumstances I can use these tools. If I can’t use them on every layer than what layer or layer type can I?

        Sorry for bothering you with this.

        I’ve used manga studio debut before so I don’t need to know the basics of making pages and using the pen tools or select tools etc.