My Hair Donation For The BP Oil Spill At The Gulf Coast 4

When I watched the news recently I knew growing my hair for the last two years wasn’t a waste of time, shampoo and conditioner. It has its purpose.

Next month I’m going to visit my dear sister and her family in Brooklyn. I was thinking about cutting my hair before I go there when I saw the news on TV that hair is used in nylon bags to prevent the oil spill reaching the shore of the gulf coast.

What could be more satisfying than not only being a guest and at the same time doing something useful. Maybe it’s a motivation for other long haired people as well to get their hair cut.

Some people told me that I look much friendlier with long hair than I do with short hair but I promise that the loss of hair will not have effect on the person inside. I still try to be as friendly as possible to everyone who is crossing my way.

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4 thoughts on “My Hair Donation For The BP Oil Spill At The Gulf Coast

  • Ilaria/Swimturtle

    Hi Mario,

    what a wonderful idea! Sooner or later you had to cut your hair, and the great thing about hair is that it grows back. :-)

    I’m so looking forward to your visit, it’s going to be great to be together again to talk about all our plans and schemes!

    Hugs and kisses, and I’ll research the barbers. This is the first I’m hearing about this wonderful program, so I want to find out more.

    xoxoxo <# :-)

    • Mario Post author

      Hi Ilaria,

      I look forward to my visit as well. I’m counting the days :-)

      I always wanted to have long hair once in my life. Now I have had it I want to go back to short hair. The fact that I can do something good with it is wonderful.

      Maybe it’s possible to motivate others and join me at the barber when I’m in New York. This would be a very nice experience wouldn’t it?

      See you very soon, my dear sister!

  • ZuzannaM

    Hello Mario,

    Not sure what to say, your hair is wonderful, wished had mine as long as yours. However, the idea is great! Therefore, I am supporting your idea for donating your lovely long hair to help the oil spill. Have a great visit in New York!


    • Mario Post author

      Hello Zuzanna,

      The disadvantage of my hair is that it’s hard to comb sometimes and I also found a gray one ;-)

      Anyway, it grows very fast. Once I shaved my head totally bald and within a week the hair was back. Nobody who saw me after that week would’ve believed me that I had a bald head in between.

      Cheers to you!