One Tip If You Are Struggling With Drawing Hands 5

You probably have read and followed a lot of tutorials on drawing hands. Chances are big that you more than once read or heard the advice to look at your own hands whilst drawing as you have your models available all day long.

This is a good tip indeed, but you may struggle with drawing hands anyway. The biggest problem of looking at your own hands whilst drawing is that you are looking at a 3D object whilst drawing a 2D one.

The core of your problem could be that you unknowingly drawing from two points of view at the same time. This could be the reason that the result you get is not what you expected.

My little tip is obvious: close one eye when you look at your model.

Have a great time drawing!


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5 thoughts on “One Tip If You Are Struggling With Drawing Hands

  • Mike Rhodes

    Great tip. Thanks, it helps a lot!

    I also draw from a reflection on a mirror and that helps, too. It’s more like drawing from a model — and you’re (seemingly) drawing from a greater distance, which makes looking at shapes, volumes and shadows a bit easier.

  • David

    Another tip, which is easier than it used to be, is to take a digital picture.

    Not only does it help with the 2 dimensional aspect, but if you are having trouble seeing shadows or changing something into black and white, you can through it through Photoshop or something similar and play with the contrast and colors.

    You can also save it and have it as a reference later.