A Simple Answer To Your Burning Question -Which Version Of Manga Studio To Choose?

A while ago I talked about the three questions to ask before buying a drawing tablet. If you missed this one you can read the article here. When David Gibbon let us take a look over his shoulder while he was drawing Martha, I came back on that topic here.

Today I want to give you my opinion when it comes to choose a version of Manga Studio.

First off: I use the EX version of Manga Studio as you probably know. Now the question is: which version is the right one for you?

It’s obvious that you first take a look at the prices of the two products:

Manga Studio Debut $49,99
Manga Studio EX $299,99

If the price is your only concern than we are pretty much done here. But wait, this would make my article pretty useless, so let me explain.

As I already said in the articles on pen tablets I don’t advocate to buy the newest and/or most expensive gear for a new hobby or profession.

If you are just starting out I want to give you the advise to purchase the Debut version rather than the EX version. This is the best way to find out if this software is for you all together. Why buying a SUV if all you need is a small car to do the groceries?

Chances are that the price isn’t an issue for you and/or you are already experienced with other graphic software. Even in this case I can advise you to choose the Debut version first. I know you were expecting me to advise the EX version but as the vendor makes it very easy. More about this in a minute.

Fear to make the wrong decision?

You may fear to make the wrong decision. After all you don’t want to put money down the drain (I think you say it this way in English) by recognizing after a couple of days or even hours that you were better of with the EX version.

The good news is: this isn’t a problem.

MySmithMicro (the vendor) has upgrades available to make sure that this will not happen. You can always decide to upgrade your product later without paying more than you would have by buying it in the first place. The only thing you need in order to do so is your serial number. It works fast, easy and secure.

Whatever version it will be, I hope I could take away some uncertainty in your decision making process.

Maybe you were expecting lists and graphics that compare both versions, but as you can compare the products on the original website (under Debut vs. EX) I wanted to keep this article short and straight to the point.

Have fun with your artwork and have a look at my tutorials!

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