Manga Studio Basics – Part 9: The Fill Tool 6

Of course you know the Fill Tool from all different kinds of graphic software. But bare with me for a couple of minutes. The Fill Tool in Manga Studio is a greater helper than you would think at the first glance.

Manga Studion 4.0 Debut Full Version

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6 thoughts on “Manga Studio Basics – Part 9: The Fill Tool

  • Eric

    Hi Mario, First of all, thank you very much for your very informative tutorials, they have helped me a lot to get started with MS. One comment that I had for this fill tool video is this: After watching, I tried to use the tool to fill in a part of a drawing. I set up the inking layer seperate from the color layer, went to use the fill tool and kept getting fills that covered the whole page. I adjusted the “close gap” setting to no avail, then I went to the inking layer, zoomed in all possible gaps and filled them with the pen tool. Back to the fill tool, no avail. I have MS 4 and as I was looking at fill tool properties I saw a button that said “browse multiple layers.” I activated it, and, it worked! I took a look at your fill tool video and noticed that your version of MS looks a little different but I thought you might want to know for a future video. Again, thanks so much, one other thing, if you had a tutorial on the perspective ruler that would be cool.

  • Mario Post author

    Hello Eric,

    Thank you very much for your detailed comment and of course to bring the option “browse multiple layers” to our attention. I have to confess that I didn’t use this option much as I work a lot with selection layers. The great thing is that you create them once and then you use and re-use the selections on every layer you want. But of course the solution you mentioned is great as well. Especially if you don’t want to create a selection layer for one-time-use.

    To your second question (the perspective ruler):
    As you can see on the page ‘Comic Art & Tutorials’ there is a new series of tutorials on rulers in Manga Studio. Part 1 to 6 is available for all my readers. From part 7 upwards the series is restricted to my newsletter subscribers. A tutorial on the perspective ruler in detail is part of this series. It’s in the pipeline and will be posted soon. You will find it also under protected posts. All my subscribers automatically receive the passwords for this posts in their second message. Right after the welcome e-mail where you by the way will find a link to download a free workshop.

    I mentioned that the series on ‘Manga Studio Ruler Tutorials’ will have 15 parts but I can tell you that it will be more, as I just recorded #15 and realized that I’m not yet finished. I guess now that the series will have 18 to 20 parts as I definitively want to cover panel rulers as well.

    Again, thank you very much for visiting my blog and reading the tutorials and most of all for your tip, Eric. I really appreciate that.

  • Adam

    When I use the fill tool, I keep getting a thin white (transparent) line between the outline and the fill area. Do you know how I can get rid of this? I don’t remember it happening before, and I’m not sure what setting might have altered it. Any help appreciated, thanks!

    • Mario Post author

      Hello Adam,

      Did you use the gradation, burn, dodge or color blend tool on that area before you tried to fill that area? This can be a reason in for a this.

      If you are not sure go to the tool options of the fill tool (press F3 while the tool is active) and then play with the slider of the color tolerance. By default it has the value 0, so it doesn’t tolerate any difference in color, not even the slightest caused by one of the other tools mentioned. Increase the color tolerance and try filling that area again.

      Hope this helps.

      • Adam

        Thanks, Mario – I don’t think it’s the burn, dodge, or color blend tool or color tolerance that’s causing the line.

        I played around with it some more, and I noticed it only occurs when I have the layer’s properties on a color model. When the color model is black and white, it’s not there. Hmm…

        • Mario Post author

          Hi Adam,

          Now I’m curious. I send you an e-mail in a minute. Please reply and attach the CPG-file and tell me what area it is you are talking about. I will try it out on my computer and let you know if I can find the source of the problem.