Difference Between A Comic And A Graphic Novel 74

Would you consider Spiderman a graphic novel or a comic book?

The boy in the strip above could be right when it comes to define the difference between comic books and graphic novels. Just as the normal written novel, the graphic novel tells a story from begin to the end and then it stops.

But this is where the confusing part starts. Aren’t there novels out there where one sequel is following up the next one without any end in sight? If the definition of a novel was that it has to have an end (like the Harry Potter series), then this novels would disqualify themselves as novels, wouldn’t they?

I think first of all the label graphic novel is invented to create a new market and get more mature readers over the edge to read more comics.

When it comes to define what a graphic novel really is, I think it lays in the eyes of the beholder. I like to see it as a regular novel told in images instead just in text.

Most of all I like the fact that you can adapt a regular novel into a graphic novel. Think about it and you will discover soon that you will face nearly as much problems film makers face when they try to adapt a novel into a movie. I guess their main problem is time (getting a 700 pages novel into a 2 hour movie). You wouldn’t face this problem if you adapt a book into a graphic novel. Time isn’t an issue here.

I’m very curious about your thoughts on graphic novels and how to define them. Please share your 2 cents in the comment section below.